How to make memorable images of your kids using only your phone:

Use Natural Light: iPhone cameras work best in well-lit environments. Try photographing your kids outdoors or near a window for soft, flattering light. Avoid harsh, direct sunlight that can cause squinting and unwanted shadows...and most importantly, use the time you have photographing your kids to have fun!!

  1. Keep It Candid: Embrace the candid moments and capture your kids in their natural state. If I can't get them to be still in an interesting environment, I'll often prompt them by asking them to hold still for just one second.
  2. Find the best light: Sidelight, bounced light and backlight are some of my favorite types of light to flatter the subject.
  3. Get On Their Level: Crouch down or sit on the floor to get on eye level with your child. This perspective can make a huge difference in creating a more intimate and engaging photograph.
  4. Simplify Composition: Avoid clutter and distractions in the background. Focus on your child, and make sure they are the main subject in the frame. Use negative space to draw attention to your child and add depth to your images. I always try to look around the edges of my image to be sure I'm taking out any unnecessary details that will distract from the image.
  5. Take Advantage of Portrait Mode: iPhone's Portrait mode creates a blurred background effect (bokeh), which helps your subject stand out from their surroundings. This feature is great for capturing close-ups or portraits of your children. Click on the 1x in the left-hand corner of your image in portrait mode got get in even closer.
  6. Pay Attention to Detail: Keep an eye out for interesting details that tell a story about your child, such as a favorite toy or a captivating expression. These small touches can make your photos more unique and personal.
  7. Experiment with Perspective: Try different angles and compositions to add visual interest to your photos. Shoot from above, below, or off to one side. The goal is to get a clean background.
  8. Make sure your HDR Mode is turned on for High Contrast Scenes: When photographing your child in high-contrast lighting conditions, enable HDR mode to ensure the subject and background are well-exposed. You can find this in settings > camera > HDR
  9. Edit Your Photos: iPhone's built-in editing tools and third-party apps like Snapseed and VSCO can enhance colors, contrast, and brightness. Experiment with different effects to create a unique style for your images. Be careful not to OVER enhance your image. ie. too much saturation, contrast, or toning. A great image should have detail in the shadows and highlights.